Hope United CDC is a “Catalyst of Hope in the Greater Twin Cities and beyond – connecting people, organizations and resources to transform people’s lives through education, engagement and economics”

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African American
Male Alliance

As a community of adult African American (elders), we recognize, stimulate, nurture, and reward the creative, and intellectual gifts of African American (youngins)

Bridge of Reconciliation

Racial prejudice and structural racism wound individuals, families, and communities. Through instruction, fellowship, accountability, The Bridge increases awareness of the existence of this truth, learning about how to be merciful, and engagement in healing works.

Connect to Success

Through a comprehensive series of workshops entitled, “Hope, Dreams…Living an Inspired Life”, “Connect to Success” assists individuals to strategically make an employment and career pivot to unlock gateway and targeted occupations and opportunities to improve their overall financial and economic well-being.

Franklin Middle School

HUCDC established a “Community Partnership Advisory Group” (CPAG), to develop and implement strategies and services in  support of Franklin Middle School students, families and staff.  CPAG is a diverse group of individuals representing community learning and education shareholders; educators, churches, faith-based organizations, businesses, philanthropy, social service agencies and others.

Harvest A New North

The “Harvest A New North”event for 2023 is designed to cultivate a sense of neighborhood joy and increased hope through world-class music, great food, games, face painting, arts and crafts, and a host of organizations providing health, social, employment, education, and financial services.     

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