Bridge of Reconciliation


Each day, our hearts and minds are assaulted by the perpetuation of false narratives concerning our nation, distorted, and denied history, and even racialized militarization…especially among people of faith. Worst still is the common abdication among people of faith to address our national moral crisis concerning racism.

To heal this brokenness, we rely on the upward yearning for freedom that is at the heart of faith which summons us to hope and work for the actualization of our most noble desires. Healing our hearts of the ills of racism cannot be generated without faith. When healed, our hearts will lead us to seek liberty and justice for others. This is the premise upon which we build the Bridge of Reconciliation.


Every 2nd Thursday, HUCDC hosts a gathering of leaders to increase awareness about the reality of racism, to promote life-long learning concerning its undoing, and to engage systematically in actions that advance racial healing, unity, and equity. Additionally, HUCDC engages with leaders through learning and service cohorts, events, projects, and consultations.



Diverse people need safe spaces in which they can encounter challenges to becoming better equipped to overcome racism in their own lives and the institutions they influence.  This component in the process raises awareness, facilitates and celebrates multicultural connections, presents information, provides consistent opportunities to gather and invite others, and reinforces common values of faith

to Serve

Most Bridge attendees appreciate convening, getting information and connecting, but they want more.  They want to share in healthy, mutually edifying, interracial relationships.  Some are looking to build friendships, while others are more interested in mutually beneficial service partnerships or collaboratives. Some want both.  We need to learn to be culturally responsive, and we need opportunities to connect with others through relationships.


This is deep work that requires a lifetime commitment.  This is where individuals find support for the healing of their own hearts.  Systemic racism wounds everyone. Increased awareness of its existence and affect is crucial, but what’s next?  Together, with the help of allies, we can commit to a healing journey. As we are personally strengthened, groups are expected to redress white supremacy and institutional racism where they live, worship, and work.  It takes love, faith, and persistence.

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